Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bulls Camp!!

Tonight the boys have Bulls Basketball Camp. I don't know if I wrote about Bulls Camp last week--but it was amazing. The whole facility is huge--there are three basketball gyms all have the Chicago Bull in the middle of the court and at either end under the baskets. Just like the floor at the United Center. My kids LOVED this particular feature because they felt like they were actually playing on the Bulls floor. We sat on the puffy folding chairs like the ones the players do. It was very well done. There were 10 kids total in camp--2 were mine--and there were two coaches. They ran the kids through their stretches and then started right in on the fundamentals. They went through 3 or 4 passing techniques. Dribbling. Ball Handling. Shooting. For an hour and a half my boys were in heaven. For a base price of $25.00 each--I was very happy with the evening. We'll be doing it again tonight-and for 2 more weeks after. Then we will sign them up for the May session. Well worth $200 per month!!