Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sick Kids And Dead Mice!!

Crazy times--I'm telling you! Nothing really happened today. I stayed up really late last night. It was the final HDTV Tuesday, and as much as I would like to say I stayed up vying for the TV--the truth is, with depression comes insomnia. I go to bed when I finally feel sleepy, and last night that was at 3:20 am. It wasn't until I woke up this morning that I found out that the TV 'op' came out just 40 minutes after I went to bed! Kind of funny in my mind, but at the same time-I've learned that when this body finally is ready for bed--you go to bed. Because you never really know just how long that feeling will hang around.

Grayson stayed home from school today. He's been sick the past couple of days, and with his fever I kept him home. He was lying on the couch next to me as I worked, and I heard a faint 'click' off to my right. I had hidden a mouse trap back there yesterday, and I was sure I had just heard it snap. But it was like 10 am, why is there a mouse brave enough to be out, in my living room at 10 in the morning. I moved everything away to reveal a little tiny mouse struggling against the bar that had snapped across the lower half of his little body.

Now, I don't like mice--but I also do not like the idea of pain and suffering...and this death was certainly not as instantaneous as I was hoping it would be. So being the bleeding heart that I am, I picked up the trap and took it out to the front porch, where I removed the bar from the poor creature. He struggled to move, his back half didn't work--and then the damage from the bar set in, and within seconds he was dead. Much quicker than just letting him struggle against the bar while death lingered on! I have to admit that I was a little sick to my stomach for some time after I put his little body in the trash can--I don't know why! They really are such cute little creatures, but I have no intention of sharing my house with them. So far we have killed 3 with traps--and hopefully countless others with poison--although those numbers will never be known!

After school we headed to the book fair. Grayson had wanted to go and was feeling a little better so off we went. He was able to turn his homework in to his teacher who has missed him the last couple of days, and then to the library where he turned in his overdue library book and found some treasures at the book sale. It was buy one get one free, and I spent $60.00, which means that I would have spent $120 at the normal sale--but each child chose 2 books-and I got one for me and one for Barrett--so not bad. Grayson kept saying all day that he was feeling good, and ready for school tomorrow but when we got to the car after the book sale--he threw up all over the grass! I'm not thinking he is going to make it to school tomorrow either. But tomorrow is the end of the year concert--and he isn't going to want to miss that at all--so we will have to play that one by ear! Poor thing!


salsansom said...

AHH I couldn't stand MICE!! I think you need to get a kitty Cat to eat the mice.

Kari said...

When we had mice, we used the no kill traps. Yeah, they turned into kill traps because the only time the mice would go in them was when we were gone for a long weekend.