Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ten Years Ago Today!!

Ten years ago today we were married. We met at the Marriott Hotel in Salt Lake City, where my husband was a Chef and I was Accounts Payable. I flirted with this boy for 6 months before I finally forced him to ask me out! He will tell you that I was the one pursuing him, but in all honesty--he was injured in a car accident and put on light duty in the kitchen. Everyday he would come up to the mailroom to gather the mail for the kitchen. This was right outside of my office--and everytime he came up for mail--he came to talk to me. During this time of 'light duty' I was sitting at the computer but talking to a lady in the office (Jenean-the taller bridesmaid) and lamenting that I turning 25 (old for a girl in Utah) and I wasn't married. Michael walked into the copy room and then came in to chat. I had just told Jenean that I would ask the next guy I saw to marry me. In he walked--and I said--"Michael Nykaza will you marry me?" His response..."Can we wait until I'm out of traction?" Thus, the endless flirtation began!

Our first date was to see Space Jam and then back to his apartment to meet the menagerie of pets he called family. He says that he knew I was the one on the first date...I have to say--I'd been flirting with this guy FOREVER...I think I knew it long before then!! So we met at the Marriott, arranged our first date at the Marriott, got engaged at the Marriott, got married at the Marriott and had our reception in the Marriott Ballroom! I guess you could say, it's a very important building in our lives!!

Our marriage has been full of fun. Yes, there were stressful times financially--but we have never had a knock down, drag out fight like you see so many couples have. He, in 10 years of marriage--10 1/2 years together (11 if you count the flirting)--he has NEVER raised his voice at me! That's pretty amazing. I was under a lot of stress during our move to Arizona, he had taken a job at the Marriott Mountain Shadows Resort and I had stayed home with our newborn to sell our home. 7 months later we were finally moving. Things were not working out, and I felt as though he just wasn't being forceful enough to get things done right now. And I yelled at home--probably more like a witchy woman screaming--and I left the room. It was March 5th, 1999 and I sat out by the swimming pool and rehashed the events of the morning in my head. It was then that I realized that he had never yelled at me before and what right did I have to yell at him! I made a vow right then and there that it would never happen again--and I've lived up to that! We don't argue, we don't fight, we do have differences of opinion--but they never get very far! We have been really lucky!

The biggest and best part of our last 10 years together are the four amazing little spirits that have joined our lives. Jacob, Grayson, Blakelynn and Barrett. Each has brought with them their own personality traits--good and bad--but all are cherished and loved beyond measure!!

Tonight we will be going out to dinner as a family. Kind of a big family celebration! I think anniversaries are far more of a family holiday, than just the couple. I was telling Grayson that one of daddy's friends likes me better than he does because he came to my wedding and Grayson didn't. He giggled hysterically and let me know that he wasn't born yet, and he would have been there if he was borned! Sadly he wouldn't be here if this day hadn't taken place--so it is definitely a family celebration!!

We really have been very blessed over the past 10 years! Here's to 60 more!!

*I do have to put out a shout! I found this dress when I was a senior in High School, I was 17. When I got married 9 years later the dress had been discontinued but along with my mom we found the exact 'Tulip' lace, and my mother made my dress. I still have it--and it is beautiful! Thanks Mom!! Whoops--and I would be remiss not to mention my fabulous photographer and sister in law Kelly Anne--you do great work, girl!!


Kelly Anne said...

Congratulations! Ten years passes quickly doesn't it? So, those are some mighty nice weddin' pics!
Nice to see them again!

Karen said...

How sweet! Congratulations and happy anniversary!

salsansom said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! May you have many more wonderful years!

Elizabeth said...

You are breathtaking in those photos! I especially love the one of the two of you embracing and you are reaching back to fix your veil-it's such a sweet, non-posed moment. Congratulations on your anniversary and on your wonderful marriage!

ron said...

Happy Anniversary, and many more.