Friday, June 01, 2007

End Of The Year Concert!!

Grayson is in the blue shirt with the gray collar. Next to the little boy looking toward the back.

Yesterday was the boys end of the year concert. It started at 1 pm, and amazingly enough--dad had the day off and got to join us. It was really cute. Jake had asked weeks ago if he could be excused from being in the concert. After they were finished--he thought it was a lot of fun. Grayson is in the top picture. He really didn't feel good, but didn't want to miss his concert. He actually made it through the whole day of school. Jake is in the bottom picture playing his recorder.

Grayson's class sang 3 patriotic songs, and Jake's class sang 3 songs and played their recorders for 1 song. Then at the end the entire school got together for a grand finale. It was their last concert at this school, next year they will be in a new school with new friends--I'm really excited for them!