Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tree Lined!!

Last March I blogged about our street. I love our street in the summer. The trees are huge and green and they shade everything. In the evening hours the street reminds me of the street Tom Hanks lives on when he is a kid in the movie Big. He and his friend walking home at dusk down a tree lined road. Idyllic really! So I thought I would take a picture of our street in the summer time! We won't live on this street come Fall or Winter--but I may try to sneak back for a shot with the beautiful Fall colors and the snow.

The home that I would like to purchase has three HUGE tree's in the front yard. They aren't necessarily the reason for buying that home--but they certainly don't hurt!


Trish said...

I LOVE mature tree lined streets in the spring, summer and fall. Lovely photo :)