Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sports Memorabilia Convention!!

There is a big Sports Memorabilia Convention coming to town next week end. We will be taking the boys, and by "the boys" I mean the 7 year old, the 9 year old, and the 36 year old man I'm married to! Yep, when it comes to Sports collectibles--he's as bad as a little kid--only now he can afford to buy as many baseball cards as he wants!

Tyrus Thomas will be in the house, although you have to pay $50 for his autograph. I'm thinking I can guarantee we won't be getting that one. We have an NBA Bulls basketball and currently there are three autographs on it. #7-Ben Gordon, #21-Chris Duhon, and retired Bulls Great-Bob Love. It would be nice to get Thomas added to the ball--but not for that much money--that's ridiculous!

I'll have to let you know what new treasures have been added to our Sports Memorabilia arsenal on Monday!!