Monday, June 04, 2007

Property Tax!!

I do have a small bone to pick here! Today, my husband and I drove downtown to pay our property taxes. Altogether we shelled out $6000 to live in a house, that is already paid for! That is just ludicrous! I find it so disgusting that the government thinks they need all of this from every person in the state! Now, I do understand...we live in Cook County--so 90% of our property taxes goes toward welfare and paying high school child care for all of the 'baby mama's' so that they can stay in school. We are moving to a new county--and I don't know what their welfare/baby mama rates are--but honestly--I think the taxes are high all around the state! I HATE it!!


Lisa said...

I live in Cook County and my taxes aren't that high. Heck, they are half of what we paid in Cook County for a cheaper and smaller property.