Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Growing Old!!

Last week was my sister in law's birthday. She's 34 years old-she posted about getting old but still feeling young. I know exactly what she means--I think we all do. I still feel like that shy girl in the corner, and in many ways I'm still that girl. We have lived in this house for almost 5 years. The longest we've ever lived as a married couple. And I know the neighbor 2 doors down really well, the children 2 doors down from her, the people between them only slightly--the next house just barely--and then the people at the end of the street a little better. Other than that--I don't know a soul in this neighborhood. Growing up all of the people that went to my church lived on our street. You had neighbors that you knew from church and school and they were just a built in community. Here the next closest member of my church is 2 miles away! My kids have their friends, but I really only have the one--plus a couple of other nice friendly acquaintances. The one thing that is amazing--my Blakelynn was born when Jake was in Miss Linda's pre-school class. She remembers when Blakelynn was born. This year, Blake was in Miss Linda's class--and it was so fun to have a teacher that remembered you when you were born! Those are roots--but sadly--about the only ones that we have in this area. I'm just too freaking shy to relax and get to know people! Bad ME!!