Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm SOOOOO Sick Of Hearing That!!

I was just reading the "news" article on Yahoo regarding the pregnant Ohio mother whose body was found over the weekend. In the 6 paragraph story--the word "Fetus" was used at least 10 times. I'm sorry--I don't care how Feministic you are--I don't care how Pro-Choice you are--a BABY that is in Utero and is TWO WEEKS from her due date--gets to be called a BABY!!! Whomever the reporter was--just lost 10 years of credibility to that ridiculous news piece! How stupid do you all think we are! Call it what you want--but it's still a baby! Viable Life---Fetus murdered?? NO--Baby Murdered!!

What a MORON!!


Elizabeth said...

I agree! It is disrespectful to that whole family to refer to the baby as a "fetus". Everyone remembers that Lacey Peterson's son would have been named Connor, why shouldn't we know what Jessie Davis was naming her son?