Monday, June 25, 2007

Free Photo Enlargement!!

I have to tell you--I just got the most exciting news! All of you know me--you know that I am a "momento/keepsake" freak! I have a million scrapbooks of my kids--I have their teeth that have fallen from their sweet little mouths all safely wrapped and labled as to which tooth it was-when it came in and when it was lost--I know-I'm a weirdo! But I love to have things around me that just scream----KIDS!!
Well--I just found out today that I get to turn in my favorite photo and--and I get a 16x20 photo enlargement back! Can you believe it?? I'm so excited--I know just the photo I want done--actually it's the only current portrait I have of all four of my kids. Since they all range in age from 9-2 the photographer took individual pictures and merged them together to create one family portrait! I'm sure you've all seen it before--it's this one...It's one of my favorite-and it is about 1 year old--but we haven't had any new pictures taken since then--so I'm thinking this will have to do!

The prices are amazingly reasonable--and I may decide to have individuals done of each child later--we'll just have to see!