Monday, June 25, 2007


Are you sick of the stupid lawsuits that award millions of dollars to dumb people with "DUH" moments. Like the multi-million awards against McDonalds because--darn it--their coffee was hot--and it burned me! Stupid--I've never had a cup of coffee--and I can tell you--it's supposed to be hot!!

Well, the last few months I've been dumbfounded by a JUDGE who's dry cleaners lost his pants---Do you remember this one?

Well--THANK HEAVENS!!! Today--brains came back "in" in the judicial system! The judge in this case ruled in favor of the plaintiffs. $67 million for a lost pair of pants--I don't care what the sign on their door says--that's ridiculous--and for wasting everyone's time-the 'pants-less' judge only has to pay the court costs of the defendants. What about the governments time hearing the stupid thing? But that may just be an argument for next time!


Deezer said...

Good Morning Sunshine! :-)

I have a feeling that we're just beginning to hear about ridiculous lawsuits, and the pants trial is only the tip of the coming litigious ice age.
Did you hear about the woman that is suing Mars Candy because she claims that Starburst candy is dangerously chewy?,2933,286855,00.html

I've found even more ridiculous lawsuits, but I don't want to spoil your Saturday morning.
Stay cool!