Monday, June 25, 2007

Guess What I'll Be Doing Next Weekend???

Oh--you'll never guess! Why?? Because it involves a movie that isn't supposed to be released for over a month--and a bootleg copy! That's right! By this time next week---I will have seen the movie--Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix! Yep! I'm bad! I don't have access to the movie on my own--but a 'relative' has a huge stash of bootlegs--we watched Shrek 3, Surf's Up and Knocked up--all from the luxury of a living room couch and microwave popcorn! Yes, movie theater popcorn is better--but hey--To watch 3 new releases with 6 of us--I would be paying $150 for all three movies--and popcorn--so bad as I am--it was a great weekend! But next weekend will be Harry Potter--I CAN'T wait!!


Drew said...

I'll be seeing the Transformers movie this Thursday night, TWICE. I can understand your excitement to see Harry Potter. I've been waiting forever to see Transformers and will also see HP when it comes out.

I wanted to also say thanks for participating and voting in my Soda-Club contest. I got this link from Autumn Blue.

I am sponsoring a brand new contest starting in July. It will be on my blog The BenSpark and the contest is open to anyone, no matter where they live. I hope that you can participate.

Kari said...

You know you can always go to the movie theater just to buy the popcorn. My friend does it all the time when her and her husband decide to have a movie night.