Saturday, June 16, 2007

Moral: Play Dirty---Win Trophy!! L.A.M.E!!

You Have Got To Be Kidding!! Well, there went hours and hours of "sportsmanship" training for my boys. We have stressed how important it is to play basketball fairly, and to keep the "dirt" out of it. I guess when a 9 year old and a 7 year old can watch a finals game and point out dirty plays and bad sportsmanship by the winning team over and over and over--and then that team goes on to win it all---------The lesson of not playing dirty is out the window!

I didn't have a stake in either team in this years NBA Finals--I don't know anyone on either team--so it isn't sour grapes. But when the "Thugs" of San Antonio brought 'Street Ball' to the NBA playoffs--they should have been booted! I finally forced my kids to turn the TV off in game 2, it was so bad, and so dirty, and so one sided by the blind refs--that it had to go! Let me tell you-I was not a "favorite" person at that time--but if my kids were ever to pull one of the stunts that was allowed over and over by the coaching staff and ref's--my kids would be banned from the game of basketball until they were out of my house as adults! Elbows, tripping, rough fouls--one word----RIDICULOUS!!!

So I guess the Spurs won the trophy--but if this is what it takes to win it---I won't be watching the NBA anymore!!