Friday, June 15, 2007

A Little Catch Up!!

Ok, you are just getting a post about my stuff! I know--isn't that what all of my posts are about--but honestly--this post will most likely have no real theme or direction. I worked really hard in May and with this little computer alone I made $1800. Now I have to say--even working full time before I was married with kids--I'm not sure I ever made $1800 per month. But at the same time--I also suffered a little burn out. Plus, when you are constantly TRYING to think of things to blog about--you miss a lot of the stuff you wanted to blog about! It took nearly a week for me to write about my oldest son scoring in the top 99 percentile in the country in Math and Science. Only 1% of all third graders in the USA scored better than he did in Math and Science. I keep telling him that with his natural 'genius' he can be anything he wants to be. For so long he wanted to be an Astronaut--then a Scientist. Anything is possible with this boy--but at 9 years old--he's got his heart set on the NBA!! I know, I know--I keep thinking of the line from "Pursuit Of Happyness" where Will Smith's character tells his son not to listen to anyone who tells him he can't do something. Jake doesn't enjoy practicing--but he loves to play basketball--and like anything else--he's a whiz at it. But without the practice--he will go nowhere! Also, there's the fact that his parents aren't the tallest of folks in the world-neither of us are over 6 feet--so I'm afraid he's probably out on that side too. I'm just hoping that he'll be able to use his skills to get on the Jr. High or High School basketball team. There is a certain automatic acceptance and popularity that comes with that-so for him-I think it would be great!

We are still looking for a house. I've blogged here and there about the home I had wanted and the problems with it--and now I have one that I drove by yesterday--and I'M ACHING for it!! Mind you--we haven't been in it yet--and that may all change--but it is actually in an area I would want to live--and the school my kids would go to scores higher than the state average in Math and Reading. So it really looks like a great school. I need to have my husband start bringing home boxes from work. After I showed the kids the house yesterday-they wanted to come home and start packing! We are going to see it on Tuesday, unless I can talk my husband into Monday. I told him I'm ready to go camp out on the lawn and tell 'buyers' that there were terrible things in the house--like a Meth Lab in the basement--just to keep them away from MY house!!

On my treadmill, my goal is to walk to Utah. 1500 miles! I've gone 5 miles so far--I know--not great--but I'm working on setting up a routine--I walk for 10 minutes on one speed, bump it up to the next one for 10 minutes, bump it up to the next one for 5 minutes of "heart" work and then I drop it down to the second setting for a 5 minute cool down. It's a 30 minute power walk--and although I would love to be able to walk longer--at the moment--it's all I can do! In that 30 minutes it burns over 200 calories, and I get 1.5 miles under my belt. After the routine, comes the habit. Setting the goal is one thing, but to actually work on it until the habit is formed--is quite another. Two mornings ago I walked my routine as soon as I got home from taking the kids to school. Then yesterday was the $700 day at PPP, and I sat in front of the computer until I had to go pick the kids up. We went straight out for errands, and I got home just before 9 pm. So I put the kids to bed, turned on my new movie--and I walked. It may not have been at the same time of the day--but I was happy to get it in! I'm never the 'follow through' gal--and I hate that!

Yesterday was my sister in law's birthday. She's 34 years old-she posted about getting old but still feeling young. I know exactly what she means--I think we all do. I still feel like that shy girl in the corner, and in many ways I'm still that girl. We have lived in this house for almost 5 years. The longest we've ever lived as a married couple. And I know the neighbor 2 doors down really well, the children 2 doors down from her, the people between them only slightly--the next house just barely--and then the people at the end of the street a little better. Other than that--I don't know a soul in this neighborhood. Growing up all of the people that went to my church lived on our street. You had neighbors that you knew from church and school and they were just a built in community. Here the next closest member of my church is 2 miles away! My kids have their friends, but I really only have the one--plus a couple of other nice friendly acquaintances. The one thing that is amazing--my Blakelynn was born when Jake was in Miss Linda's pre-school class. She remembers when Blakelynn was born. This year, Blake was in Miss Linda's class--and it was so fun to have a teacher that remembered you when you were born! Those are roots--but sadly--about the only ones that we have in this area. I'm just too freaking shy to relax and get to know people! Bad ME!!