Friday, June 22, 2007


You know--certain things come up every now and again that just cause me to take a step back and realize just how "Techno-Incompetent" I really am! I have to admit--in the almost 1 year that I've been blogging--I have learned so much. When I started-I couldn't have told you how to embed videos, upload pictures or add relevant links--I didn't know what PR was, had never heard of Alexa--and honestly, other than reading other peoples blogs--really didn't think I had much to say!

In this one year--I've started my own domain, re-designed the templates for countless blogs, have a PR3 on every blog but one with a PR2, have 4 blogs with an Alexa score under 250K, and I've inserted COUNTLESS links, video's and pictures throughout all 4 blogs--did I mention I didn't have much to say??

Well, yesterday I learned how to hotlink! Yep--I have no idea what it does, or what the consequences are--but hotlink I did!! Wow, watch out Bill Gates--I'm learnin' all your secrets!!


K. Darrell said...

I know exactly what your talking about. I have only been doing this for about six months now and am amazed at what techno stuff I'm able to do as well.

Elizabeth said...

Robyn, I have Google sitemaps on all my blogs, but I still can't get two of them to be anything other than "unranked". Is there anything specific I can do?