Thursday, June 21, 2007


Well, I did it--I know, I know--you all never thought it would be possible! I set up a new blog! Yes, that was tongue in cheek, since I already have 4 blogs going!! But this one is just for me! This one is Scalehopper and as the name implies--it's my weightloss blog--or my attempt to get healthy blog! On it there are two little lily pad tickers--one for poundage and one for miles I want to walk on my treadmill. My goal is currently set at 1500 miles. That may seem like a lot--but it is the number of miles from Chicago to Utah--so basically--I'm walking home!! My hope--by eating better or smarter-and using my handy dandy treadmill--I should be able to reach some of my goals! I have a vacation coming up at a camp ground in Wisconsin with an amazing waterpark---so donning a bathing suit will be required--mind you--I do this already--but am disgusted by what I see-so my goal is that by the time we head to Jellystone Park--I will be 10 pounds lighter!! We'll see how that goes!

If anyone would like to join me--either in just a diet/exercise blogroll--or some helpful tips or ideas--let me know!! What worked for you??

I did buy the domain maybe someday I'll get that worked up to having a forum or something on it--but right now--it's all about me--baby! Just kidding!!