Thursday, June 21, 2007


I just read about a Utah boy who was dragged out of his tent by his sleeping bag by a Black Bear. His body was found later, he had been mauled to death. What is that?? I won't go camping and sleep in tents anyway--there was a family camping and their tent was sliced open at the bottom and one of their kids pulled out by some child molester and killed. Now we aren't just worried about people--we are worried about bears carrying off our young! It's just a tragic story for the family I'm sure! Cabins or RV's for me--never again will I be in a tent!!

I've never liked camping anyway--sleeping in a sleeping bag--tents--no where to sit, bugs--dirt! The only thing even likeable are the marshmallows!! And even they aren't worth all of the above yucky stuff--especially when I discovered I can roast them any time I want over my gas stove!!