Friday, November 10, 2006

Summer Vacation Photo's--FINALLY!!

Well, we finally got our roll of film developed from our trip to Utah. Most of the trip was documented on our digital camera, but the last week of the trip we ran out of room on our cards, so we used the regular! Here are just a couple of the highlights of our last Sunday in Utah!! We went to Temple Square and to the Bingham Copper Mine.

DG loved Temple Square and even asked if we could live there! Funny, I don't necessarily need to live on Temple Square--Farmington, Utah is close enough!! I had to take Katerbug across the street to the Church History Museum. She is enamored with the Angel Moroni, and there is a full size statue of him on the second floor. She was thrilled to get to have her picture taken with him. She is extremely washed out (how I hate regular cameras), so it was a disappointment, but she loved the moment!

After Temple Square we headed to the copper mine. My boys are in love with Monster Trucks and since the mine's dump trucks are the most extreme monster trucks I knew they would enjoy seeing them. We sat in the car for almost an hour waiting for the heavy rain and hail to stop. When it didn't--we just threw caution to the wind and headed out in it! Katerbug was wearing little pink sandals and by the time we were back in the car--her feet had been dyed to match! It was a fun 'end of vacation' day!