Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bug The Big Boy!!

Bug got his big boy bed today! It is a bittersweet, awesome, happy day!! He got his bed for his birthday from Mom and Dad, and his ultra cool Bob the Builder bedding came from Grams and Grampa in Utah. He was taking a nap in his crib when the mail came with his bedding. So I put his bed together while he slept. Then when he woke up, I took his crib down--for the last time ever--and made up his new bed. I called my mom and put the phone next to his bed and then ushered the little man in. He was so excited to see his new bed. My mom got to hear some of his excited squeals of "Bob" and "Mama, ni ni". He then proceeded to stake his claim and kick his sister off of his bed! It's funny--he keeps running back into his room to chill on his bed!! He is a man in love!!