Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Poor Baby!!

Last night was a BAD night! My hubby fell asleep on the recliner in living room--which is GOOD on so many levels--but mostly with his injury 2 years ago--it puts less stress on his neck! Around 3:30 in the morning I started dreaming about a strange noise. It just kept repeating and repeating. Finally, I started to wake up and realized it was a "real life" sound--and it was bad! It sounded like a seal barking and in this house that can only mean one thing--my baby is sick again! He has a very deep chest cough and it sounds terrible. He wouldn't take any medication for it, I even tried the cough suppressant popcicles--but at 3 in the morning with a fever--it was just misery for him! I rubbed some Vicks Vapor rub on his chest and snuggled him in! He's still asleep now-thank heavens--but I have to find a way today to get him to take his medicine.