Thursday, November 30, 2006

Holiday Parties!!

My husbands work Christmas party is coming up next Tuesday! These are such harrowing events for ladies like me! I've had 4 kids, and my first baby killed my thyroid, so I'm not skinny! I feel very out of place at fancy-shmancy things and am not looking forward to this at all! I've also been very shy around "new" people my whole life, so sitting or mingling in a room of partial strangers is agony for me. NOW--my husband tells me that he will be training the new employees the evening of the Christmas party and that I have to go at the time it begins and he will show up an hour and a half later. AGONY! AGONY!! AGONY!!! Plus he hasn't told me yet if the party is a family party or just a couple party--I'm praying couple! My kids are maniacs at parties and I so don't want to chase them. However, on a Tuesday night--I have no babysitters, so then I'm hoping it's a family party--ok, no I'm still not!!

I finally had the bright idea to wrangle my brother in law into hanging with me until my husband gets there! He has thankfully agreed to hang with me--which is a score for him--as I will be his designated driver!!