Monday, November 20, 2006

Mom's Thanksgiving!!

When we were growing up, we always had Thanksgiving Dinner on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. This started because Thanksgiving Day was never blacked out for using frequent flyer miles. So we would fly out on Thanksgiving Day and fly home 7-10 days later after all of the "Holiday Travelers" were finished! I can't tell you how many Thanksgiving Dinners I've had on airplanes on our way to exotic locations like Hawaii or Cancun. (Side note: It's also really strange to see Santa coming in to town the day after Thanksgiving on a Catamaran in a Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses and flip flops!!!)

Jacob was born at 12:35 am on the Sunday before Thanksgiving! Yep--that meant I missed my family's Thanksgiving for the first time since Japan. Kelly and Kelly came to the hospital early to see Jake, but then had to hurry home to make the mashed potatoes. And Chris and Sally came after dinner--no pumpkin pie in hand!!! I felt bad to have missed it--it's always been a holiday I look forward to eating!!

This year, Jake's birthday is on Thanksgiving Day--and yesterday was my parents Thanksgiving dinner. Living 1500 miles away--we missed it! I always feel bad about it and miss everyone. We went to the inlaws for Roast Pork--but it just isn't the same as sitting around the table and seeing all of the people I grew up with and love!

Well, maybe next year!!