Monday, November 20, 2006

Losing Grayson!!

Today after school Jake had stamp club! He has it every couple of weeks, but never on a schedule that I can keep track of. Last Friday they had a stamp club field trip--so I naturally figured they wouldn't have stamp club!

So I waited outside of Grayson's door waiting for him. He never came out--so I assumed that he had gone over to Jake's door to wait for him. So we walked over there. He wasn't there. So then I figure--he's gone to stamp club with Jake. So we go in and have the neighbor boy go check the stamp club room. There is no Grayson there either. So now I have to go ask his teacher what he said after school--but I didn't want to worry her!

She was in the hallway and said that Jake had stopped into class to see if he could take Grayson to stamp club. So again, we head (teacher in tow) back to stamp club. Jake says that Grayson was with him, but then left!

Now-I'm getting a little nervous!! Up in the office his teacher has him paged back to the office. While we wait for him, she heads out to the playground to check for him. Just as she disappears at the end of the hall, Grayson comes in the front door of the school. He sees me and starts sobbing--he's been lost, and he knows it, and he was scared!! So he and I walked down to find his teacher so she wouldn't worry about him anymore--and she was just as thrilled as I was to have him!

Scary--but not really scary--but OH SO TOTALLY SCARY!!!!