Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Extreme Home Makeover!

I love watching Extreme Home Makeover. They filmed here in Chicago over Halloween. That show will be on in January. They are currently back in Utah for the second time! I was on the Deseret News website over the weekend and found an obituary for a man I swore I knew. He was 6 years older than me, and I read through his entire obit trying to figure out how I knew him.

It's strange when you know that you know someone, but aren't really sure! This one I knew I knew him because I could picture him talking and moving--and you can't picture that unless you've met them!

Anyway-I searched the whole obit and nothing is coming up that would help me find how I knew him! But now days down at the bottom there is a guest book to sign! In one of the postings someone wrote, "I feel like I got to know your family through the Home Makeover show!" Ahhhhhhh, that was it! He was the father of the family who had the Makeover in Utah. I didn't know him--but just like the metaphysical world of reality tv--I do know him, and I felt bad for his family and his community.

With the show back in Utah this week, I'm wondering if the cast will try to get to his funeral today! They all really loved him, the family, and the people that worked with them! Requiem En Pace!!