Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Basketball Season!!

Well, it has finally arrived! Basketball season that is. This one has been waited for anxiously for months. This year Jake is playing for the Hornets. He was hoping to be on his friend Michael's team, but it didn't happen. I had to go to parent teacher conference last Thursday and his teacher showed me all of his papers he's turned in. Every one of them had a doodle of a basket, and a player shooting a ball. There were two stories he had to write for class--yep, both about basketball! His folder is covered with grafitti all dealing with Shaq, Dwyane Wade, every Bulls player ever and, of course, a hoop with a guy shooting the ball. His basketball is written all over. It's all he talks about. Barrett got a mini hoop for his birthday. The boys have cleared out my kitchen, raised the hoop and play half court!! OH MY HEAVENS!!! I guess it's good we got him Bulls tickets for his birthday. It's against the Sixers who are Grayson's favorite team (how does that happen--my 6 year old loves the 76-ers!! His favorite player is Allen Iverson-so I guess that's how!!) So totally weird to me!!! Now I just need to get on ebay and find him a Bulls jersey to wear. Believe me--there will be many more photo's of Basketball!