Thursday, November 09, 2006

Star Of The Day!!

Today in one of her pre-school classes, Girlie was named the Star of the Day. She got to take in pictures of herself growing up, and some items from home that are important to her. She took her trophy from this summers Mini Miss Pageant in South Weber. They draw names for their royalty, and she was named 3rd Attendant. She also took her bunny that her brothers made her for her 1st birthday. She's named her Kayla. She wore her little red mini with her black shirt with white collar and cuffs, white tights and her black boots. I call it her Marsha/Marsha/Marsha outfit. Normally she wears knee socks, but it's so blasted cold here, that tights were called for. They sent home a questionnaire to help everyone get to know her. It asked about her two dogs, Bear and Brownie, and her favorite color--pink! But the funniest answer I got out of her was her favorite food--she normally picks ribs because that's what daddy makes, but she chose Chinese Food. She's quite the connoisseur I guess!! She looks so little walking in to her class, but she loves every minute of it.