Monday, November 27, 2006


Last night I had the worst migraine I've had in months! It got so bad that the ibuprofen didn't even touch it! I was a little worried about taking the big guns (vicodin) on an empty stomach because I was already feeling naucious. What is the point of taking your pain meds only to throw them up 10 minutes later! I finally gave in and cut one in half. It took about an hour and a half to kick in before my head started to feel "heavy"! That's the sign that it's working--I can still feel that there is a headache happening--I just don't have to live the pain right now! It's really a relieving feeling. Due to the 90 minute wait--I got suckered into a movie on tv. The Mandy Moore (My Look Alike--previous post) one where she is the ministers daughter who falls in love only to die at the end! Sweet, Depressing!! It ended at 3:00 am, at least 45 minutes after the medicine kicked in! So I finally laid my head on my pillow at 3 in the morning only to be awakened to start the day at 7:55! So, I'm running a household on a tremendous lack of sleep!! Bummer!!