Monday, November 27, 2006

Sick Again!!

Well, I guess I just need to face the fact that unhappy as it may be--I'm definantly getting sick again! Whether it's again or still--today was an awful day! I'm still reeling from the lack of sleep last night due to the migraine, but now I've been all stuffy and congested and I literally started to shiver tonight when I was on the phone with my aunt! I'm the person who is always HOT--never-and I mean NEVER do I shiver unless I'm outside in the snow with no coat on!! Yet sitting in my nice toasty warm house talking on the phone--I had to get a blanket to wrap around me!

And now--a couple of hours after that--I still have the migraine from last night, I'm coughing, and I think my glands are swollen! Mainly because I just feel pressure in my throat rather than pain--but sick is sick, and with a husband opening a restaurant in the coming weeks and never being home to help with the kids--it's a REALLY BAD TIME to be sick!! But as we moms do--I must carry on!! But now--I'm going to dope myself up on some Nyquil and hit the sheets!!