Thursday, November 23, 2006


We had Thanksgiving Dinner at Aunt Dot's house. It was alot of fun. Nice--laid back!! I had been sick for several days leading up to it. When I went through the "chow" line-I overloaded my plate. Honestly, I felt like a pig when looking at it. But you know--sad as it is--I ate every bite of it, and even fought the urge to go back for seconds. It felt so good to be eating real food again! As a mom I cook everyday--several times! I'm realizing--all of my food tastes the same. There is nothing different! Of course, there is, but really it all tastes the same to me. What a difference it was to eat good food prepared by someone different!

We had birthday cake and the normal Thanksgiving desserts, but at the end--I settled back in with a bowl of corn! I call it great!!