Thursday, November 23, 2006

Jake is 9!!

Well, today is my Jake's birthday! I can't believe it's been 9 years since we got this little miracle man!! Ooooh, and a colicky little imp! I sooooo don't want to go back to those days! They were so hard! But he grew out of it after a month or so--luckily!!

He's always been so smart! Actually he's a genius you know! He TAUGHT himself the alphabet by sight before he was 2! He would point out a letter and say - aaaaaahhhhhhrrrr, aaaaahhhhhhhrrrrrr, aaaaaahhhhhhrrrrr until he could get my attention to show him he was right! And YES, I did say TAUGHT HIMSELF!! So smart! So sporty! So cute!

He adores school. He loves learning. His favorite subjects in school are Science and Social Studies. He wants to be either an Astronaut or a "Master Scientist" (his words, mine would have been "Mad Scientist!!!") He loves to figure out how everything works! He has asked for a basketball hoop, a telescope and a microscope for Christmas. Yep, he's not cheap!! I think we'll do the microscope for his birthday, and the telescope for his Christmas! I think the big man in red will be bringing the "hoop" as a family gift!