Friday, November 24, 2006

Feeling A Little Down!!

As I said in the last post--I've been feeling kind of sick lately. Everything was fine for Thanksgiving yesterday--but I think along with the not eating for days before and getting enough sleep--even the smallest things are getting my spirits down!

We have been invited to a cousins birthday party. Her birthday is today and her party is 2 days before Christmas. They are going to a movie. On the invitation it said "Although all adults are invited...only the child's ticket and snack will be paid for!" Ok, I was fine with the strange wording--although I TOTALLY found it strange--but suddenly it felt as though I really wasn't wanted. Now you have to remember I have 4 kids. That is enough to fill up any birthday party budget--and I would be required to stay for the movie if all 4 were to go. So then I thought I would just drop the 3 in the party and keep Barrett with me. But then that still seems like a lot of kids to pawn off at a movie. Plus it's about an hour drive to get them there, then I would have to find something to do for 2 hours while they were in the movie, pick them up, feed them and drive them an hour home. Big day for the 23rd of December! So I decided to RSVP in the negative. We wouldn't be going.

Then I find out yesterday that they are having a birthday party for family tomorrow night. Just a family dinner--nothing special. So let's see--My inlaws are invited--my brother in law is invited with his daughter--my other brother in law is invited with his wife and 2 girls--that just leaves us--and we AREN'T invited. So I'm not invited to the party where I would know everyone and have a chance to chat with them, I'm invited -- strike that--my kids are invited to the movie birthday party with a bunch of people I don't know. Am I wrong to be highly offended by this??? OK--Strike offended--I'm downright hurt!

You know it would be different coming from the sister in law of that cousin. I feel completely liked and accepted by her--and she's my husbands ex-girlfriend--but this particular cousin has always seemed a bit "un-approving" of me. Kind of a "looking down the nose" type! So I guess that's why I'm taking it more personal! But that's just me!!