Sunday, November 19, 2006


The past couple of days I've been working on thinning out our "stuff"! Many of Blakelynn and Barrett's Christmas presents each year come from boxes in the basement that haven't been unpacked since I packed them in Phoenix! This year is no different! Many more free gifts. While I was cleaning I ran across my old Fisher Price Record Player. It is dated back to the year I was born, but it--unlike me--is in great condition! So I did a quick and thorough cleaning-and put it up on ebay. I only ever do 3 day auctions--any longer than that and you are just wasting time-most people bid during the last couple of hours when it's one of the first items listed!! My record player sold and I boxed it up today for it's trip to New York. A woman is giving it as a gift to her daughter who is my age. She apparently wants to relive the past with her children! I'm happy to oblige--she paid $41.50 plus shipping--now we just have to sell my mom's and we are set! I have a ton of items to get up on ebay this week--hopefully they will be just as nostalgic as this record player was!