Friday, November 03, 2006

Painting The Christmas Trees!!

MJ & DG had to decorate 2 foot tall cardboard Christmas trees. They are for the Christmas decorations at the local mall--they have thousands up from every school in the area. I guess it saves a lot on individual decorations, plus the parents all go into the mall to find their child's tree--and then hey, why not shop! Someone deserves a raise!!

Anyway, this year the oldest finger painted his tree green and then after it dried added some glitter paint for the decorations. Well, B-man decided he wanted to play with the paint and the tree as well! Sadly, his MJ didn't want to play! You may not be able to tell from the photo, but the green on B-man's face is in the perfect shape of MJ hand! Yep, he slapped him! That would be his thumb extending up above B-man's nose, and the other fingers curl around the side of his face.

B-man started to fall backwards after being assaulted, and MJ used his other hand to catch him--so he has a lovely green handprint in his hair in back as well!