Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jake's Baptism!!

It's hard to believe that is has been almost a year since Jake was baptized! What a stressful day for me. I had to give the talk and there was a man standing next to me translating it into Spanish. It was soooooooooo awful! I've vowed that if they are doing bilingual baptisms when it's Grayson's turn--we will be baptizing him elsewhere!! Jake loved every minute of it! It's all he talked about for weeks leading up to it, and for many following it!

In January Grayson will start his preparations for baptism. He has a whole year--and already it's about all he talks about! He also can't wait to become a Cub Scout which comes with the territory!

Tomorrow at Pack Meeting Jacob will get his Wolf badge, 1 gold arrow point and 9 silver ones. He also gets to start working on his Bear. He is such a diligent and responsible kid for the most part! We'll see how 9 treats him!!