Sunday, February 01, 2009

Barrett's Day!!

Here are just a couple of the single shots of Barrett at the carnival! The one of him in his lion is my favorite. Being so little he didn't get to do quite as much as his older siblings. He wasn't a big fan of the moonwalks that his sister loved, and wasn't really thrilled with the horse races like his brother! He started getting cranky half way through the afternoon, so he spent the last half of the day in his stroller with mommy praying for a nap! But all in all--he had fun! He loved the balloons, he got his arm painted, and loved the Orange Juice that grandpa bought him! Maybe next year he'll get to participate a whole lot more than he did this time! One note: If you have been to a carnival you have probably seen the bowling ball game. You roll the ball up the ramp--it goes down the other side and up a little hill. The goal is to get it to stay on the other side of the hump--but it rarely does! Barrett NAILED that game! Out of all of us, he's the only one that won!!