Sunday, February 08, 2009


We spent the first few days of our Phoenix trip staying in a home owned by Sweet Baby Ray and his friends. It was right in the middle of town, and all of the necessities were so close. But even better in my kids mind--the basketball hoop out front!

They would be up and out of the house early--just to shoot baskets. I guess when we get home-I really need to get their Christmas gift put together and outside--unfortunately it was -13 the other night when my husband flew home. So maybe not for awhile!

After the first two nights at the "basketball" house, we took my husband to the airport and headed to my Uncle Bobby's house. We spent a lot of time here when we lived here. That was 4 years and 2 kids ago! They were our only family down here, and they treated my babies like they were their grandkids. Always so sweet. So it was fun for them to get to spend time with my grown up boys, and to meet and get to see my two newest additions. 4 and 2!!