Tuesday, February 20, 2007

President's Day!!

Why exactly do we keep kids home for President's Day?? Honestly--I read on someone's blog--they shouldn't give the holiday to elementary kids unless they know their presidents. Mine would fail! They know the major ones--and would've voted for George W. Bush both times if they could have!

We didn't do much. My husband had the day off and we were going to do something together as a family--but we are both sick and had no energy. He did take the kids to dinner last night at Culvers. I was going to go--but I really was just not up to it at all. So he took them for an hour, and I stayed with Barrett and snuggled on the bed. When they all got home-it was bedtime-and I ended up back in bed for the night! It was great!

When we were little my dad used to take us skiing on President's Day. It was a day he always had off, and we got to spend it with him on the slopes! Very cool memories--Thanks Dad!!