Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bulls Win!! Bulls Win!!

This house is in shock! The Bulls actually won their first playoff game against the Heat. My oldest Jake just didn't think it was possible. We have tickets to the next playoff game next Tuesday-and when the last game of the season ended and the Bulls lost to the New Jersey Nets--my Jake was in tears. He really had wanted the Bulls to win because then we would have played the Nets in the first round. We tried using logic to let him know that we just lost to the Nets--we stand a better chance of beating the Heat. Not to believable with Shaq and Wade--but hey, in my logic--I would much rather go and sit in an arena with Shaq, Wade and Pat Riley--than some of the no names on the Nets. Oh--sorry--Jason "I Beat My Wife Up" Kidd is on the Nets--but I watched him play at Phoenix! I want me a basketball game with some stars!!

This is a picture of Ben Wallace. Center for the Bulls. He made some great plays during the game--but I'm sorry--he just always looks like he rolled out of bed! I HATE his hair!!!!