Friday, April 20, 2007

Life With Barrett!!

You may find yourself asking--Why I put this picture up on the blog-it really is of little significance when there are a ton of cute pictures that would actually merit the placing! Well, this is here--because it so vividly portrays my life with Barrett! He's 2 but is so thrilled with this opportunity to be alive that he lives his life at 150 miles per hour. Tasmanian Devil is the perfect nickname for him--I have the messes to prove it! Barrett was so excited to be on an Easter Egg Hunt--that he literally left his basket in one central location and then would bring the eggs to it. I tried to capture the moment he put the eggs in the basket--but as you can see--he's much quicker than I am. The little blur in the bottom left corner is the "B" man off to find more treasures! The feet in the picture belong to all of us adults who stood there in amazment as this boy ran from egg to basket to egg to basket!! He really is a whiz!!!