Monday, April 23, 2007

The Rest Of The Day!!

Today turned out to be a fun day! The boys both stayed home---MJ late-DG sick. Grayson seemed to be feeling better but took a turn for the worse when I found him fast asleep on his bed in the middle of the day--that is a guarantee that he doesn't feel good. I went after school and picked up all of their homework and they both got it completely finished with no pushing from me! I LOVE days like this!

We had steak sandwiches with Mozza cheese and grilled onions on them--Yummo!! It's MJ favorite dinner, so he was thrilled with the idea. We didn't do dessert tonight--and everyone headed to bed on time. DG seems to be feeling better--but is having a hard time falling asleep because of his nap. So even though he is healthy enough to go to school tomorrow--I'm thinking he may need to sleep in a bit to catch up for his late night!