Saturday, April 21, 2007

There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today!

That's how it is when your best friend is around. You see--I'm totally chatty!! I finish one post--and immediately start a new one on a different subject. I haven't felt like blogging all week, but then mom comes home and the flood gates have opened! She mentioned that on the cruise ship she was able to see a couple of good movies. She doesn't have good health--so I'm glad there were decent movies on for her. She watched Night At The Museum with Ben Stiller and Robin Williams. They are two of my boys favorite actors--throw Jack Black in there and you have a trifecta!! So tonight we are going to have my Pizza Bread, homemade popcorn--and we are going to "hope" that Night At The Museum is on DVD already! We will be heading to the grocery store to check out one of those DVD Rental boxes--who knows--a video may just be made!! Keep your eyes open! After the movie I promised Blake we can make cupcakes again. She loved it last time, and my husband loved the cupcakes--so I think we are up for a repeat!!