Sunday, April 22, 2007

Total Hijack!!

Yesterday I got onto my Aunt Peggy's Blog looking for her. She's literally dropped off of the face of the earth! Turns out after they moved to Arizona-and got their entire house painted and re-carpeted--they headed back to Utah for the summer and had to paint and recarpet their condo there. So they are currently living with their daughter while everything gets finished up at their place! I guess that's why she hasn't been blogging lately!

So I took my snooping one step further! I totally hijacked her blog--and completely tweaked out her template! Guaranteed she won't even recognize the place when she settles back into normal life!! I hope she likes it--if not--I'll move her back to her boring green Blogger template---hee hee hee!!


salsansom said...

I LOVE her new template! The "tags" are sooooo cute! You are AMAZIMNG! I need to get you to teach me!