Thursday, June 04, 2009

After School!!

Well, I am sad to announce that Field Day was rained out! I guess it wasn't too bad, all it meant was that they had to play all of the games in the gym instead of outside on the baseball field. The boys had a great time.

Grayson, self-proclaimed 'tortuga' (slow poke) was not only surprised, but amazed and terribly proud that he won the "cup stacking" contest three times. I think that takes some agility, so I was very proud of him.

Jake didn't say much--other than the fact that his team won it all for the fifth graders. He was proud, but was too busy getting his bike helmet on to take a ride around the block in the rain. Grayson didn't want to join him in that, but Blakelynn threw her helmet on and raced to her line with him.