Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Miss Utah Is A Medic In The National Guard!!

I just read about a little girl from my hometown--mind you--she's 24 and could kick my butt-literally!! I say little because she's a lot younger than me! She graduated from my high school -- and is in the National Guard. Earlier she spent a year in Afghanistan as a Medic--and last week she was crowned Miss Utah! In the newspaper article she talks about feeling so strange having to wear a swimsuit as a sign of fitness--with all of the troop love going out--it might have been fun to have her come out in her fatigues during that portion--I don't think there would have been a girl there who could compete physically with her!

Apparently Rosie's video has it backwards---Soldier first--Princess second! ;)


Happy Blogger said...

Great pictures. I have to show Mike this one. He just retired from the Utah National Guard.

Cynthia Blue said...

Very cool about Miss Utah. Your post caught my eye because I am also in Utah!