Tuesday, July 03, 2007

No Summer Camp Blues!!

Ok--chalk this one up to a "Bad Mom" moment!! The last three weeks--my kids have been signed up for 5 day summer camp! It cost $800 for 3 kids to go to camp all day for three weeks! Well, yesterday was the first day of session 2--and I have to say--I wanted to save some money--and maybe sleep in a couple of days a week-so I only signed them up for 3 days. This cost $555 for three kids to go to summer camp 3 days a week for 3 weeks.

Today was day 1 with no camp--and, erm...I'm DYING!! All I've had today is: I'm hungry! I'm bored! Can I play playstation? Can I play on computer? I don't want to do my chores! Oh my heavens!! They don't have camp tomorrow because of the fourth of July--but I'm thinking come Thursday morning--I will be heading to the community center to pay the difference between what I paid for 3 day to move them back to 5 day!

I know--bad mom! But at least with 5 day--their day's are filled with fun--and they come home exhausted from all of the adventures they had that day! Here--they are just bored and driving me crazy!!


Happy Blogger said...

Sounds like they have a lot of fun at camp. A note to Jake: Get well soon so you can swim again. I know how much you miss it. Love, Aunt Peggy