Friday, August 03, 2007

But He's Only 9!!

I made an appointment for my son Jake with a chiropractor today. I know, he seems really young for it-but in our family we have a problem of having our 'atlas' out. That's the top vertebrae in your neck. When it is out--one leg is shorter than the other. I've noticed that Jake sort of "galumps" along when he walks -- or shuffles his feet, and I'm constantly asking him to pick up his feet. I always considered it more of a laziness thing rather than a sign that something was really misaligned. Then the other day I was putting away his shoes and his sandals are wedged. They are worn out so badly on the outside of his left shoe--yet the tread is fully intact and near new on the inside of his left shoe. I remembered my mother had this problem when she was younger so I called her to find out what caused it. One of her legs was longer than the other.

Well, that made me remember that she's been going to the Chiropractor the last couple of years to get her Atlas put in and it makes both of her legs normal. Sooooooooo, I did the test! You lay on your back--give your body a little 'alignment' shake, and then you pull your feet in toward your body with your knees up. Then someone looks at your feet to see if they are aligned correctly. Well, Jake's feet were off by 1 inch--which is HUGE! I did it to myself and my feet are off by about half of that. So I called today to get him in with the Chiropractor next week to get his x-rays done to see if it really is his atlas.

Now rest assured they don't pop and jerk you to get the atlas in--apparently it's a little clicky gun type of thing that just pokes you ever so slightly to turn that vertebrae-my husband is against anything with the term chiropractic around it--so we aren't going to mention this just yet! Of course, his thoughts of Chiropractors are the popping and jerking--so I really don't blame him. There is no way I would let this Chiropractor pop and jerk my 9 year old!!

I just really have so many hopes for him once we get this taken care of. He doesn't enjoy running or too much walking even--I'm suffering from the same kind of thing with my legs-and I don't want to walk or run either. I'm hoping when we get his legs fixed--he'll be able to be a kid again! Here's to hoping!!