Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Emergency Preparedness Made Easy!!

I am a worry wart. I always have been, but it's gotten much worse since I had kids. There are times when life is going so well, that you know something bad is going to happen. We haven't hit anything really terrible yet--like losing everything in a natural disaster, but a work injury was pretty bad.

I've been watching the mine disaster in Utah, and although no one I know was affected--it's got me thinking, what if something bad did happen. Whether it was the death of my husband or natural disasters that wipe us out completely. Would I know where all of our information is? Insurance policies, bank account numbers, identity certificates, medical information? There is a ton of "STUFF" that we deal with day to day--but if my house was destroyed by fire--all of my documentation would be gone.

When we lived in Arizona, I had an insurance program that held a lot of that kind of information. At the time I mainly used it to keep my kids up to date on their immunizations--but now that we are buying a house, I really am thinking it's time to look into It works almost like an online safe deposit box, where you can upload all of your documents that you will need in time of disaster. Then it is retrievable from any computer available. On top of that, there is also an Emergency Toolkit. It's an interactive calculator that lets families customize their own personalized emergency preparedness kit with the right level of supplies and other necessary items that their family (including pets) will need.

While I'm packing to move-I think I will set aside one box for just paperwork and documentation. That way, when we are finally settled in the new house, I can just take my box and get everything uploaded. I think this is a great site for everyone. Especially after the recent disasters we've seen not only in our country but around the world. As the saying goes, "If you are prepared, you shall not fear!!"


Simon said...

Thanks for telling us abut this.. it's one of those things I know i should do.. but keep thinking I'll do it later. I went and checked out AxcessPOints.. it looks pretty easy. but do you know how secure it is?