Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nowhere To Put Them!

We have two computers and there is nowhere in the new house to put them. The new one for me needs to be somewhere central to the rooms that the family occupy most of the day. The family room, the kitchen and even the back yard. The other computer will probably end up in the master bedroom--for sheer lack of a place to put it.

Currently my computer is on a bakers rack in my living room here--and could stay that way in the new house, but I would rather look for office furniture. A nice new desk that can hide some of the paper mess associated with a computer area. Well, my biggest mess is made up of empty soda cans--but still--in the kitchen that would be bad! I want to find a something nice, as it's very nearly what you will see walking in my front door. Of course, I haven't broken this news to my husband yet--he may not like the whole "computer in the kitchen" concept!!