Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blake's Room!!

Blake's Room is the only bedroom completely finished in the house. Not only because people were going to be sleeping in it--but because I never got to decorate a nursery for a little girl. So this little project was something I couldn't wait to do!!

The castle on her closet door was purchased for a whopping $4.95 from the party store. It's a birthday party decoration and you can get each of the Disney Princesses 5 feet tall for the same price and you use them to decorate the whole wall at a party. Well, this is a princess bedroom--NOT a Disney Princess bedroom--so you will find no traces of Cinderella or Ariel or Belle--Just Blake!! The castle is one of my favorite parts of her room--as well as the letters that spell out her name.

I still need one long shelf put up so that I can put all of her porcelain dolls up out of the two year olds reach. He does love to play with them!!


mercymom said...

The princess sign above her bed is absolutely perfect!! I'm so jealous!! I can't wait to have a room that I can decorate for Mercy! You did an amazing job!

Lynne said...

That bedroom looks amazing! I think the castle is my favorite thing too! Very nice job, I can tell you really had fun decorating that room. :-D

Happy Blogger said...

Lynne left a comment on my blog too because I told about Blake's room, and she told me that she had already seen the pictures on your blog, and how cute it is. It sure is!