Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My $150 Living Room Set!!

Last weekend my in laws and their neighbors were supposed to have a big street wide garage sale. I had put off furniture shopping until then because one of the neighbors (whose yard was immaculate) was moving and getting rid of a lot of furniture. Well, three days before the garage sale--it was canceled. I was bummed because I was hoping to find something. Well, my mother in law called me to let me know that the neighbor was selling his entire living room set (love seat, 2 wing back chairs, an ottoman, a coffee table and an end table) all for $200. Heck, I didn't care what it looked like--I couldn't get a good coffee table and end table for that price! So I headed over on Saturday morning and although it isn't exactly my taste--he was offering the whole kit and kaboodle for $150. He then threw in a torch lamp and the entire decorative wall set behind the living room set. It is in mint condition--a little "girly" for my particular taste--but hey--who wouldn't get a ruffly couch for $150??


Julian's blog said...

Dear genki desu you!!
Oh, I recall the first couch I bought - such a big event!
And, I went into debt.
Now, I am happy with more meager surroundings.
Your trappings look great, especially for $150.00.

Retta said...

I'll take two at that price! LOL Why can't I have a neighbor selling furniture off for that price? My empty living room would like that very much ... well maybe not the pink so much. But, hey I've got a sewing machine I could make slipcovers!

Happy Blogger said...

It's beautiful! It really is.